Ответ регулятора по запросу в Новозеландский офис Forex-Trend

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Cегодня Алексею Свирину пришел ответ от регулятора по запросу в Новозеландский офис Forex-Trend.

«Statement from the NZ Team
The NZ team of Forex Trend Limited has decided to resign from the company and close its Auckland office on 12th June 2015.
Despite we have been in the hope that the company may overcome its difficulties, but its deteriorating situation has forced us to take this step.
To get a clarification of the company’s current situation and to get instruction for the NZ office’s future operation, the NZ team has contacted the management of the company and the shareholder for many times since last week, but we did not get any response. This and the facts collected make us thinking that the management of the company is collapsed. Below are the facts that we have gathered from different channels.
·  According to client complaints, no customer support can be reached by the clients recently, either though telephone or email, the web forum, from which the clients may get some news from the management, is blocked recently.

·  The two offices of the company’s management in Ukraine have been closed since the end of April and 20th of May individually. Don’t know what the reason is.

·  Evidence show the company’s corporate consultant and account agent has stopped working for the company since March 2015. Some works were left idle.

·  The management did not inform the NZ team that the director had been replaced. The new director had promised to register on the NZ registry but never get it done.

·  Security Service of Ukraine has made a public statement on 19th May, pointed out that the management of the company illegally transferred client’s fund away to finance terrorism. (http://en.interfax.com.ua/news/general/266605.html)

·  The NZ office could not get promise for further funding from the management
From the above facts, we conclude that the management of Forex Trend ltd is collapsed, thus there is no necessary and possibility for the NZ office to keep running. Hence, the NZ team has made the following decisions:

·  We will close the company’s business place at level 10, 21 Queen Street, Auckland, from the 12th of June 2015.

·  We will resign from company on the 12th of June 2015.

·  We will reserve the right to recover the unpaid salary and any arrears.

·  We will entrust the employee to take care of the company’s properties until they can be
transferred to the new management or liquidator.

· We will keep the communication channel open for any enquiries from law enforcements, the shareholder, the company management, business partners and clients through the email forextrend@outlook.co.nz, until a liquidator is appointed.
The NZ team is established to provide customer services, and to develop the New Zealand and Asian pacific markets for the company. While we are waiting the company to get a proper financial service license, we have been waiting and sometimes helping the update of the company’s service system to accommodate other languages. From the Auckland office, we have never developed any new client or provided any customer service to the company’s current clients.
We are sorry that our decision may bring some inconvenience to people, but as the NZ office has not started to provide any customer service, we believe the closedown of the NZ office would not affect the company’s current services to its customers.
We wish all the best to the people who have been affected by what happened at Forex Trend Limited, and hope the law will restore justice to the people who have ever been unfairly treated in this event.
The NZ team of Forex Trend limited»

В целом смысл сего послания в том, что новозеландский офис компании «белый и пушистый» и не имеет к проблемам никакого отношения.

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